Reentering the Workforce? Don’t Make these Mistakes

There are so many reasons someone might leave the workforce and decide to return again in the future. Regardless of why, if you’re in that position, there may be a few things you don’t realize you’re doing wrong. Even the smallest mistakes can snowball before you’re able to course correct, so to avoid these issues you have to plan ahead. If you’re just starting your job search after being out of the job market for a while, think about these mistakes so you don’t make them.

You don’t contact a recruiting firm.

This could be the first biggest mistake you make. As soon as you’re ready to enter the workforce again, contact a recruiter to talk to them about your options. They are professionals and can give you some ideas to consider based on your past experience and what might be a good fit moving forward.

You didn’t update your resume.

If you’re still using the same resume you used the last time you were in the workforce, it’s time to make a big change. Not only will the information be outdated, but there have been some changes in the formats that companies like to see. On top of that, there are ways to include the time off from the workforce that won’t sound inappropriate.

You don’t have an interview strategy.

You may think you can just walk into an interview, be yourself, and answer the questions, but that’s not the whole experience. If you haven’t interviewed recently, it will be helpful for you to put together an interviewing strategy to help you remember the right information. You can practice as well as look into some of the latest interviewing techniques to prepare.

You don’t have recent references.

Lastly, your boss from 16 years ago may not be the best reference for your job hunt. While you may have been out of the workforce, you probably haven’t been a hermit in your own home. What have you been doing? If you’ve volunteered, those organizations are prime reference material. Even helping out with school functions can give you references to use.

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