6 Smart Ways to Fuel Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is the cornerstone of your company’s success. When your team is distracted, unengaged, or dissatisfied, their performance can impact not only your products and services but infect the rest of your team. As a manager, it is important that you keep your staff happy and engaged throughout the year. Here are six ways you can fuel employee productivity in your company.

1. Keep your promises.

The most important thing you can do to impact the productivity if your team is to keep your promises as a manager. When you don’t do what you say, you reinforce bad habits among your employees. To make them trust you as a manager, be sure to keep your promises to them.

2. Focus on retention.

Next, take time to focus on employee retention. When you need to replace employees on a regular basis, not only are you focusing too much of your time on the hiring process, but you’re also sending a message to your team that they are all replaceable. Instead, make an effort to keep your top employees happy and engaged.

3. Encourage collaboration.

Many managers like to create competitions within their department. And while some healthy competition can be good, not everyone on your team will respond to it in a positive way. Instead, create ways that your employees can work together on creative innovation to drive participation.

4. Host teambuilding workshops.

The biggest mistake managers make when it comes to team building workshops is relying on outdated methods that actually cause employees to become more dissatisfied. Rather than doing a ropes course or icebreakers, plan a team building workshop that uses their skills in a modern and fun way. For instance, scavenger hunts are popular.

5. Trust your team.

Beyond all the glitz and glitter of collaborative projects and team building exercises, simply trusting your team to perform their work without constant oversight can send a message that you trust them. Micromanagement causes employees to disengage, so avoid it by trusting your team.

6. Incentivize their daily work.

Finally, rewards do help encourage employees to stay on top of their productivity so play incentives wisely. Some companies are gamifying their daily work. By creating a program that allows your team to cash in accomplishments for rewards, you can empower them to try new things and stay on top of their workload.

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