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Do you think that all staffing agencies do the same thing? The truth is quite the contrary. Staffing agencies are as specialized as your specific business so it is crucial that you work with the right firm for your company. Before you pick up the phone to call about temp workers, or a direct hire employee, consider these thoughts that can help you pick the right staffing partner and get the best talent, not just warm bodies.

Do they specialize in your industry?

No two staffing agencies are the same. That means if you’re business is primarily technology-based, a light industrial staffing service will not be able to provide the right talent for your open positions. Even if a more generalized staffing agency says it can help, that agency may not have the network to make these specialized placements happen to your satisfaction. Get to know what they can do and how well they fit.

Are they sourcing local candidates?

Another big concern for some companies is whether or not their new employees will be able to arrive to work on time or be able to commit to the duration of the assignment. Often, when staffing agencies send candidates from outside a reasonable driving distance, companies will have issues with attendance. You want to be sure that the employees will be reliable.

How responsive is the staff?

You also want to be sure that both the recruiters and the account managers are responsive to your needs as the hiring company. How often did they meet with you to assess the type of position for which you were staffing? How soon did they send resumes for your review? How quickly were they able to set up interviews? If you begin to feel concerned about their ability to communicate at any time, it may be a good idea to contact another agency.

Do you have a bad feeling about this?

Lastly, not only do you have to feel like the recruiters are communicating but you also need to be able to trust them. And, it is even helpful if you like the people from the agency who are working directly with your business. If something feels off at any time or you don’t like the interaction with the staffing agency, move on to another service. There is never an obligation with an agency until you’ve made a hiring decision.

Every day, employers throughout DFW call CornerStone Staffing to fill their temp, temp-to-hire, payrolling and direct hire positions. Contact us today to find out why and work with one of the top staffing agencies in Texas.

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