How To Discuss Your Weaknesses In An Interview

“What is your biggest weakness,” can be the single most challenging question to answer in an interview. Is it meant to be a trick question or do they want to see how sincere you’ll be? How do you know the right way to answer? Understanding the subtle ways to approach this question will help you in your search and can even land you a great job. Here are some tips on how to answer this question in an interview.

Scout Motto: Be Prepared.

Lots of ums and uhs are a telltale sign that you didn’t do your homework. Interviewers don’t want to hire someone who is woefully unprepared for this most basic question. Since you will likely hear it everywhere you go you should really think about your answer before you schedule any interviews. When selecting what to say, come up with something that can provide real insight to you as an employee.

Don’t Say the Wrong Thing.

Part of being prepared for the interview is doing your homework on the company and job itself. Avoid answering the weakness question with something that contradicts the requirements of the job itself. If you aren’t fully educated on the job, you could easily slip up this way. For instance, the job may require strong organizational skills so don’t tell them that you tend to have a messy workspace.

Challenge, Action, Result.

Professionals suggest using these three prompts as a way to answer this question. It is a simple formula. Tell the interviewer about your weakness in the form of a challenge. Then, explain what actions you took to correct it in previous jobs. Finally, conclude with the positive result of your hard work and determination. Try not to turn a positive into a negative as this is a red flag for employers. Instead, use this method which will get you a similar result.

Don’t Be Flippant.

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Don’t go overboard with your attempt to prove that you’re weakness-less. For example, a statement like “I am a perfectionist,” comes across as trite and fake. It doesn’t dig deep into your personality, which is the real purpose of this question. That being said, if you feel that wanting perfect results is your weakness then you could phrase it better. Tell them that you have a hard time giving up control of a project, but let them know how you solve this using the formula above.

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