What Does Your Email Address Say About You?

[Career Tip] What does your email address say about you? Your username might have been cute back in college but now that you are looking for a career it is time to say goodbye to PartyMan21@hotmail.com in favor of John.Doe@gmail.com.

Just like your appearance, resume, and speech, your email address is part of the professional image you are presenting to a recruiter. You might think it is unfair that a recruiter would pass on your resume because you have a silly email address, but it is no different than a recruiter being unimpressed that you showed up to a job interview without a tie.

It might be unimportant or silly to you but the fact of the matter is a recruiter receives hundreds of resumes and they must narrow down the list of candidates. A silly email address just might take you out of the running for your ideal job. So take a moment today to evaluate what your email address says about you.


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