Develop Your Recruiting Strategy: Mobile vs. Desktop – Here’s How

Is mobile recruiting really the future of hiring? In order to answer that question experts have been looking at the habits of job seekers on line including how and when they search. If we compare mobile to desk top computing we can see some trends that may prove interesting for hiring over time. Here are some comparisons.

  • Searching from Desktop computers. With a larger screen, a mouse, and a keyboard, it is much easier for people to navigate desktop and lap top computers.  Online applications are easy to navigate and information is easy to input. However, in spite of this many adults are using hand held devices to access information on the web almost exclusively.
  • Search from a smart phone or tablet. 55% American adults only use their smart phones to access the web. We are also a nation of multi-taskers using these devices while watching television or talking to friends and family. To attract these candidates it is important to optimize your site for mobile access. These pages should have limited data fields, the ability to email themselves a job post to review later, and a way to submit a resume with one click.
  • The time of day matters. conducted a survey of job seekers and found that Monday is the best time to post a new job. This information changes quickly and it is hard to pin down a good day for job postings. They also found that more job seekers were looking at jobs on their mobile devices on Tuesday after working hours. Many employers are concerned about their staff searching for a new job while working but this is simply not the case. Once a job seeker is home they are using their cell phones rather than their computers to access the web.
  • Optimize your site for mobile viewing. It is beoming increasing more important that your website be optimized for mobile viewing. This is something your web designer should be able to do for you. As mobile activity continues to increase it is important to attract candidates by producing content that will keep them on your website through their smart phones.

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