Tips to Improve Your Reputation Online

A lot of job seeker advice published today talks about developing your personal brand. Is this just a trendy buzzword for the 21st century job search? Think about it in terms of corporate branding. When you’re on Facebook and you see a recommendation from a friend you are more likely to consider that company for their products or services. The same should be true for you. You are your own product so marketing yourself to potential employers is smart business. Here are some tips to improve your online reputation and get notices.

  1. Be real, authentic, and personal. When you’re on social media you need to be engaged with your readers at all times. A scientifically written thesis paper, while brilliant, may not be interesting enough to keep an average reader’s attention. Put the friendly, personable, real you on display through your social media platforms.
  2. Be helpful. The most important thing you can do is provide a service to your readers. You want them to know that your knowledge and expertise can help them when they need it. In many industries you are only as good as the last problem you solved so people will remember you as someone who can take action and follow through.
  3. Share your values. You want to attract an employer who matches your personal values. If you end up working for a company who is opposite to your personality in every way you’re only going to find yourself looking for another job. Share enough about yourself on line without crossing any lines.
  4. Learn about your followers. No matter how many people follow you on Facebook or Twitter, if you don’t know who they are and what service you can provide for them, they aren’t going to keep coming back. Occasionally ask questions to get the conversation started and be responsive?
  5. Make professional matches. The more you network, both online and in person, the more you begin to see patterns in the people you meet. When you recognize that someone’s experience could augment another person’s business, make a connection. Introduce them by email and let them connect.
  6. Pause before responding. The internet is full of a lot of different types of people and sometimes the anonymity brings out the worst in communication. Always pause before you respond to anyone online. Take time to craft a response that won’t come across too angry or defensive.

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