Management Mistakes You May Be Making

Just like every other skill in the workplace, management is one that should be trained and improved over time. As a manager you may have experienced less than ideal situations involving your employees. Could there have been ways your reactions or solutions could have been better? Here are five common mistakes managers make as well as the ways to improve your responses.

  1. Don’t provide too much information. This is common in small companies where employees feel close to one another. Managers will often share information with other employees that can violate the privacy of team members. While you may not think of these conversations as gossip it is important to remember that you are in a position of authority and respect the trust your employees have in you. Keep in mind that certain situations can be a violation of HIPAA.
  2. Not giving enough information. While you may be more careful about what you say to whom, there is also a place for you to be honest and open with your employees. Just as saying too much can create an avalanche of office gossip, keeping mum on information that can affect everyone’s job is also a sure fire way to kick start the rumor mill. Create a balance of shared information to keep your team in the loop but not betray someone’s trust.
  3. Make it safe to share ideas. Managers will often feel as though they are providing a way for their employees to come to a consensus about a subject but in fact they are frightening their employees into complacency. When you declare a new project or situation and ask if anyone has any questions or concerns you shouldn’t be surprised when no one speaks up. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are okay with the decision but rather that they are afraid to say anything. Create an environment where it is safe for employees to ask questions and make suggestions.
  4. Not every employee is equal. Sometimes management gets the impression that it is important that each member of the staff is treated the same way. Maybe everyone gets the same raise or no one is allowed to work from home. However, not every employee is the same. If a lazy employee gets the same raise as one who works overtime to get their job done it is going to give everyone the wrong impression and disengage them from their jobs.
  5. Don’t get too comfortable. Real personal growth only happens through change and challenge. If you are feeling like you’ve “got this,” you might be getting overly comfortable in your role. Continually establish challenges to become a better manager and to improve yourself, your processes, and your team.

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