Mobile Recruiting

Generation Y, also called Millennials, are the next big wave to enter the workforce. They think very differently from Generation X and especially the Baby Boomers, so it is important to know how to connect with them. GenY has grown up with access to technology and media that our parents and grandparents could only imagine. It is time for companies to learn their language and embrace mobile recruiting. Here is more information on GenY and the boom of mobile recruiting.

  • Numbers don’t lie. For people who didn’t grow up with computers and smart phones it is hard to grasp how important it is to reach out to GenY in this way. The statistics are pretty interesting. Studies have shown that 70% of multi task on their tablets while watching television. 47% of commuters admit to using their smart phones while in the car. Waiting is no longer a solitary activity; when people are waiting in line at the bank, at the store, for the bus, or for a friend they are plugged in to their devices. This kind of constant stimulation is normal for GenY so why not tap into that power.
  • Grow a relationship. Look at a Facebook page for a successful product. You may see updates written in first person status. Millennials like to feel like they know the people behind a product. Consider the popularity of twitter. Celebrities have profiles that fans can interact with in real time and those fans are elated when they receive a personal response from the famous person, even if it might actually come from an assistant. Use this kind of social media conversation to really engage with your audience. A loyal brand follower could become a loyal employee.
  • Go for immediate gratification. GenY is quite use to constant contact and stimulation, they don’t wait for many things. Instant gratification is easier than ever with access to technology. GenY also communicates this way, so when you present an opportunity on a mobile application they may respond to it right away, but they are also looking for an answer.
  • Consider video. Some people think that YouTube is just for watching cats do silly things or for recording and sharing your home videos, but it is much more than that. Video is the best interactive media available, and YouTube is free to use. Make videos that reach out to your audience and share interview tips and other helpful ideas they can use in their real lives.

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