Company Advocates: Building Your Brand

Perception is reality. When potential employees and clients see your company online you want to be in control of the message. Some professionals suggest a great way to make the most of your online brand is to using your employees’ good experiences on social media to show, rather than tell, about your company. Unscripted videos and other social sharing about your business can be one of the best marketing tools in your tool belt. Use your current talent to tell your story. Here are four ways to make that happen for your business.

  1. Create a foundation. Not everyone on your team is going to be savvy when it comes to engaging in social media or video productions. Create a format and a system to make it easy for your employees to record and share their testimonials or to access their own social media. Let them know what is and is not appropriate but don’t restrict them too much.
  2. Keep employees in the loop. If you are relying on your employees to provide positive feedback about your company on the internet they need to be kept up to date of all policies and processes. You also want to make sure they feel comfortable asking questions about anything they are concerned about. If you resolve their issues in a timely manner they will really know the company has their back.
  3. Give them the best tools. It shouldn’t be difficult for employees to share your brand on their social media sites. You want to make sure that participating employees have access to posting on the career blog or promoting events on line. Spend some time picking out the best tools to use and teach anyone who will be working as a brand advocate how to use them.
  4. Say thank you. Encouraging your employees to be social advocates for your business is a great way to gain the trust of your team but you should also be sure to let them know you appreciate their efforts. Remember that employees who share about your company on line are doing it as volunteers because they believe in the organization. This keeps the information authentic. Show them and tell them that you appreciate what they are doing for the company.

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