Are Power Skills The New Must-Have?

We know about “hard skills,” which are the technical skills required by any given position. We know about “soft skills,” or those personality traits that help people interact well with others. We also know about “transferable skills,” or the things someone can bring from one industry to another. But what about this new trend known as “power skills?” Power skills are how candidates excel in that state of uncertainty brought about by remote and hybrid work environments. While they may overlap with soft skills, by shifting the narrative to “power,” we increase their importance in the future workplace. Here are the power skills your new employees must bring to the table.


Effective communication has always been under the “soft skills” umbrella, but that doesn’t do justice. Communication is the cornerstone for almost any position. Ensuring incoming candidates are effective at communicating across multiple platforms at any level will be critical to success.


Innovation is often critical for success. There are times not to reinvent the wheel and other times when a complete reimagining is necessary to make something work. You want to hire people who bring creative thinking to the table.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the intersection of empathy, cultural awareness, personal awareness, and critical thinking. These interpersonal skills are necessary for healthy human interactions and will help your company thrive in the future.


Competition was a driving factor for older generations, such as the boomers and GenX. But millennials and Generation Z are more focused on collaboration. Encouraging your team to work together to determine the best solutions will be critical moving forward.

Time Management

Another important skill that future employees should bring to the table is effective time management. This was always important but has become even more critical in remote work. Employees who can better manage their time and accomplish goals effectively and efficiently will benefit.

Work Ethic

Similarly, work ethic is coming into focus again. In an era of quiet quitting, companies are concerned that their team isn’t giving 100% when on the clock. But you can manage this process by ensuring that your team feels appreciated and has meaningful work to accomplish.


More than anything being adaptable has become a highly sought-after skill. We saw it most in 2020 when we had to shift very quickly in the face of a health crisis. Employees and companies who were good at adapting could move ahead and be successful.

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