Benefits of Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is the best online networking tool in your tool belt. But the only way to get the most out of it is to ensure it’s optimized entirely. So, what are the benefits of building out your online presence and connecting on LinkedIn? Let’s take a closer look.

Be Seen By More Recruiters

Recruiters are on LinkedIn. 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn as a method of reaching qualified candidates. Even if you were not looking for a  new job, recruiters will see your online profile and get a better understanding of your skills and experience. Recruiters can even subscribe to LinkedIn to use it as a recruitment platform.

Mark Yourself Open for Work

If you can, mark yourself open for work. When you access your profile, there will be a place under your initial headline where you can select that you’re available for work and set your preferences. There are ways to ensure that only recruiters can see that you’re open for work, not your current employer, if that’s a concern.

Complete Your Profile

LinkedIn is based on algorithms, just like any other social media platform. When someone searches for a keyword, LinkedIn ranks the results based on who has completed their profile. So make sure that you have gone in and completed all the sections to flesh out the information. Think of LinkedIn as a living resume. When you update it regularly, you can always go back to it to write a new resume when you need one.

Write a Great Headline

Your headline will default to your current job title. But that doesn’t always pack a punch. When it says “Customer Service Representative,” that doesn’t give a recruiter much to go on. Instead, change your headline to something that showcases who you are. For example, “Customer Service Expert with 10+ years of experience in B2B support and over $1 million in revenue.”

Flesh Out Your Bio

Your bio is another place to showcase your background and skills. It should always be written in the first person to capture the reader’s attention. Talk about your professional accomplishments as well as things that make you unique. Including personal information, such as where you’re from or hobbies, is okay.

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