Top 4 Recruitment Strategies to Attract Talent in Phoenix

When the market is tough, how do companies find and attract top talent? In an era marked by The Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting, organizations are searching for candidates who are excited about new opportunities.

Recruiters in Phoenix have perfected these strategies over the years, with only the method and technology shifting with time. Understanding the process and the reasons why will help your business build a better pipeline of talent that can last a long time.

What are the top recruitment strategies your company should consider to attract talent in Phoenix? Top ideas include:

  • Employee Referral Programs
  • Recruitment Automation
  • Passive Candidates
  • And streamlined hiring process

For employee recruiting in Phoenix, a blend of these strategies and partnering with staffing agencies in Phoenix will give your company access to the best talent in the area.

Before you begin your next employee search, keep these essential concepts in mind.

Recruiting Solutions for Phoenix Employers

Recruitment is a science and an art. There are many moving parts when working with people searching for their next opportunity. Often, companies must be at the crossroads of where the right place and time meet to attract top talent. But several recruitment strategies can help improve the odds. By developing programs around these ideas, you can create a process to tap more talent and improve the candidate experience moving forward.

Employee Referral Program

Employee referral programs have been a time-tested solution to finding top talent. You benefit from their extended networks when you open your recruitment strategies to include your workforce. They may have worked with people in previous roles who would be an excellent match for your opportunity.

Providing a bonus structure can incentivize your team to give referrals. You can also monitor quality by basing these incentive structures on performance. For each employee referred who accepts the job, a bonus is paid. Many companies choose a tiered system.

  • A bonus paid when you extend an offer to the person referred
  • An additional bonus paid after the new employee works 30 days
  • A third bonus paid when the new employee completes 90 days

Structuring this program will discourage people from suggesting candidates who are unqualified for positions to receive compensation. While you pay employees for their referrals, the cost is offset without the need to pay for advertising or other recruitment methods.

Recruitment Automation

Recruiters often spend more time handling manual tasks that could be automated. These tasks are necessary, but they prevent recruiters from the most critical part of the job. Recruiters in Phonex can spend more time connecting with candidates and nurturing the employer brand when repeatable aspects of the recruitment process are automated,

Applicant Tracking Systems (or ATS) can facilitate and streamline the entire recruitment process to help attract talent in Phoenix. After a candidate has applied online, the ATS will sort and organize the data so recruiters can take less time on those initial steps.

These systems use AI to sort candidate information and can automate communication, so nothing falls through the cracks. It makes the process seamless for recruiters and candidates.

Most Fortune 500 companies use ATS to improve employee recruiting and reduce the administrative burden on recruiters.

Recruit Passive Candidates

Some open jobs are best filled by passive candidates. Passive candidates are professionals not currently looking for an open position but would consider a change if approached correctly and provided with an incentive to accept.

But how do you even begin looking for passive talent? If a person considers themselves satisfied with their job and not actively seeking a new opportunity, they need to see all the benefits of making this transition.

There are plenty of tricks, tips, and strategies used by recruiting experts. It takes diligence and skill, along with a few additional steps.

  • Engage on Social Media
  • Find Subject Matter Experts through Blogs or Podcasts
  • Personalize your outreach
  • Be an employer of choice

In the era of The Great Resignation, it’s important to note that many people would be happy to jump at an opportunity presented to them, but they may not actively seek these roles. That’s why incorporating passive sourcing into your recruitment strategy is essential.

Once you’ve engaged a passive candidate, your employment package needs to be attractive enough to make them come on board. You need to answer the question of what they were missing in their last role to keep them excited about your new opportunity. Review your compensation structure, determine the long-term growth of this position, and ensure your workplace environment matches your new employee’s expectations.

Shorten Time-To-Hire

To attract talent in Phoenix, there is one more important ingredient to a successful candidate search. Improving recruitment and shortening the time-to-hire will make all the difference when engaging new talent.

You have a vested interest in shortening the time-to-hire. The longer your position is open, the more significant impact it can have on your production and current team morale. It’s also a crucial part of the process for candidates. It’s a job seeker’s market right now, which means there are more open positions than applicants. When the recruitment process takes too long, your top candidates are likely to accept other opportunities.

To shorten the time to hire, consider making these changes to your hiring experience:

  • Make the online application easy to use
  • Reduce the number of interviews required before making a decision
  • Maintain communications at every step
  • Build a candidate pipeline

By improving the overall candidate experience and shortening the time to hire, you will have greater access to top talent interested and engaged with your opportunities.

Attract Talent in Phoenix with a Top Staffing Company

There is another tool in your tool belt. Working with recruiters in Phoenix can give you access to talent you may not be able to uncover on your own.

Businesses that work with staffing agencies in Phoenix know that building that relationship before you have an immediate need will increase the chances of success. Your recruiting partner becomes an extension of your hiring process, saving critical time and money to source and place only the top candidates.

CornerStone staffing agencies in Phoenix can tap into diverse communities of talent across the region to find the best possible talent for your open position. We can source, screen, and submit only the best candidates so you can focus on the work you need to do. Fill jobs faster with the right partnership in place using these recruitment strategies.

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