6 Tips to Increase Your Application Rates

Are you struggling to find top talent for your opening position? Do you see fewer qualified applicants in your process? There are some simple tricks to increasing application rates in today’s economy. Here are six things you can do to encourage talent to apply to your organization.

Avoid Gender-Identifying Words

For a long time, there was a trend to use “power” words to make job descriptions more exciting. The problem with that approach and many of those words felt gendered. For example, asking for a rock star, ninja, or guru makes the post feel like it’s mainly targeting men. You want to keep the language neutral and inclusive and describe the job, such as Account Representative, rather than falling back on these catchy phrases.

Keep Descriptions Brief

Short and sweet is the key to getting more qualified people to apply to your open jobs. Brief doesn’t mean it can’t include specific details. You can still tell your story and the general requirements of the job, but make sure you’re not writing a novel-length post that will lose the reader’s attention before they get to the part where they can apply.

Provide a Short List of Must Have Requirements

The human brain loves to read lists. One way to ensure that the most critical information is retained is to include a bulleted list of the requirements every candidate needs to bring to the table. This will add weight to these topics and ensure that the person applying considers them specifically.

Mention the Salary Range

It is no longer okay to keep the pay rate private until the end stages of the hiring process. Today’s candidates don’t want to waste their time or yours if the position doesn’t match what they need to make it worth accepting. Be fair, review typical salaries for similar roles in your area, and provide a realistic range.

Be Authentic

Use your voice and company brand to show your authentic self throughout the process. Your company values and mission should be present in how to describe who you are and what you do. You want to present yourself authentically so applicants get an idea of what it’s like to work for your organization and how they might fit into the environment.

Eliminate Experience Requirements for Entry-Level Roles

Today’s market is making entry-level roles more accessible. For a long time, many had what seemed like impossible requirements, such as education and years of experience, which kept many ambitious and talented people from applying. Make entry-level roles the perfect opportunity for someone to get their foot in the door and gain experience.

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