How Employers Can Attract and Hire Generation Z

The latest generation to hit the scene is Generation Z. This addition to the workforce is just beginning to graduate from college and look for jobs. Moving forward, companies will need to be prepared to add Gen Z in the workplace as they take the place of the aging millennial cohort, the oldest of which are now in their early 40s. As millennials transition from entry-level to mid-career and more advanced roles, bringing in the pool of new candidates with potential will be critical to success.

So how can businesses and staffing companies in Arizona begin recruiting Gen Z?


Who Are Generation Z?

Gen Z was born between 1996 and the early 2000s, so the workforce needs to be prepared for their entry. But who is Generation Z? What do they bring to the table? Here’s a quick look at Gen Z and workplace culture.

  • Gen Z values work/life balance more than any previous generation
  • They want to build a community
  • They are more skeptical than their Millennial counterparts but slightly less skeptical than Generation X
  • They value authenticity from everyone, especially their employer
  • They want to know exactly what’s expected and require clear and direct communication
  • Gen Z is tech-savvy and uses apps for nearly everything

These personality traits all add up to inform the strategy of hiring Gen Z into your organization. Knowing and understanding who they are will be paramount. It will be impossible to put the square peg of Gen Z into the round hole left by millennials moving up the ladder.


Why Is It Important to Attract and Hire Younger Talent?

Within the next few years, Generation Z will make up 25% of the workforce. As they leave high school and graduate from college programs, they’ll be entering the workforce fast. As boomers retire with Generation X working on their exit strategy, replacing these employees by recruiting Gen Z will be the logical next step.

But Gen Z in the workplace also represents a transition and evolution. As technology becomes even more critical than twenty years ago and systems change and evolve, having the unique skill set and perspective of Generation Z on board will be vital to continued growth.


Generation Z vs. Millennials: They Aren’t Exactly The Same

Some Millennials are still relatively close in age to Gen Z at work. Like Boomers, millennials were a large cohort spanning many years, so while the oldest of the generation are turning 40, there are still millennials in their late 20s in the workplace.

That generational cusp between Gen Z and Millennial may blur the lines at first, but Gen Z is very different from the millennial generation.

Let’s start with the cost of education. While millennials certainly struggle with student loan debt, Generation Z is more concerned about the overall cost before beginning. More millennials are also looking for stability, but Gen Z is laser-focused on finding their dream job from the jump. Millennials also rarely follow their parent’s lead in the workplace, but Gen Z does.


What Does Gen Z Want From Jobs and Employers?

The biggest takeaway we can offer is understanding what it looks like for Gen Z and workplace culture. What does Gen Z want at work? Many of these young employees are looking for several specific things before they accept a position.

  • An expectation of flexibility for hours worked and work arrangements
  • A more significant focus on results rather than watching the clock
  • Aligning work with their values
  • Concern about employee safety, health, and wellbeing
  • A commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging
  • Authentic communication
  • The use of technology in daily operations

Hiring Gen Z means incorporating the things they expect from an employer into the workplace culture. Organizations resistant to change may struggle with finding entry-level employees as their company may not represent the ideals that Gen Z demands. But employers and staffing companies in Texas and around the country can develop targeted recruiting plans to engage Gen Z at work.


How Can Employers Attract And Hire Gen Z?

As Gen Z enters the workforce, creating programs targeting this new talent pool in your organization will be critical. Recruiting Gen Z comes down to ensuring that your organization will meet the needs of this next generation of talent.

We’ve already seen that Gen Z values career development and professional growth from the beginning of their career. By providing training and upskilling opportunities for even your most entry-level positions, you’ll attract those Gen Z in the workforce explicitly looking for that dream job.

Gen Z is also passionate about DEI. Many younger candidates aren’t even considering companies without a clear diversity initiative that includes processes to provide equity. They want organizations to value all employees for the diverse backgrounds they bring to the table and give a sense of belonging.

Staffing companies in Arizona can help create a targeted plan to reach out to this young talent pool as Generation Z is ready to enter the local workforce. It can also help to go where Gen Z already is regarding social media platforms and interactive websites, providing accessible opportunities to connect with your organization.


Ready To Attract Gen Z? Partner with A Top Staffing Company

Now is the time to take the next steps for recruiting Gen Z. Creating a clear hiring plan, reinforcing your company culture to reflect the values most important to this cohort, and providing a clear path to career development will be increasingly more important to Gen Z at work.

The next step is to partner with staffing agencies in Arizona or staffing agencies in Texas to plan your recruitment strategy. You’ll talk to a dedicated recruiter who can help you determine the best possible candidate for your open position and work with you to submit top talent and complete the hiring process.

Contact the team at CornerStone Staffing to discuss your hiring process and how we can help in recruiting Gen Z talent for your open positions.

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