Create a Candidate Experience to Sell Your Company to Recent Graduates

It’s graduation time, which means new job seekers will enter the job market. Is your company ready to hire recent graduates? It’s a candidate’s market, so it’s essential that you know what you’re selling. Here is the right way to position the company to appeal to the influx of new grads looking at your entry-level jobs.

Create an Engaging Career Experience at Job Fairs

Job fairs shouldn’t just be a way to collect resumes. You should set up your job fair booth just like you would at an expo. Talent is one of your top investments, so get new candidates excited about the possibility of working with your company over your competitors. Include media on current employee satisfaction, expectations of working with you, and the benefits you provide.

Make Room for Resume Review

It’s okay to use artificial intelligence-driven applicant tracking systems, but don’t rely on them entirely. Sometimes, resumes need the added human touch. When receiving resumes from soon-to-be or recent college graduates, review them manually to see the correlations between their education and experience and your open jobs.

Develop a Personalized Interview Process

A new college graduate won’t have had experience interviewing for jobs at this level in the past. They will be jaded throughout the process if they have a sour taste in their mouth from the onset. Don’t rely only on chatbots to communicate with these new job seekers. Treat their time as valuable as your own, and don’t be late or disrespectful just because you’re in a position of authority.

Communicate Your Expectations

You will also need to communicate effectively throughout the process. A new job seeker might not know what to expect, so tell them clearly. If they are not a fit for your job, let them know as soon as possible and give them action items to improve their candidacy for the future. If they are a fit, keep them in the loop on the process as you work through hiring.

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