Social Media Mistakes You Could be Making

One thing job seekers need to know about the current employment landscape is that employers are looking at social media before making a hiring decision. With our lives so out in the open on popular internet platforms, it’s crucial that you review your social media and make changes that will positively affect your job search. Here is what to avoid on social media to land your next job.

Avoiding Social Media Entirely

Not everyone lives to post their latest photos on Instagram or share their thoughts on Twitter. But avoiding the most popular social media platforms can be just as devastating as oversharing. Like it or not, companies look at social media platforms to make hiring decisions, and they want to see that you have a presence at least. Make sure you keep it professional, even if you don’t post often.

Not Having Consistent Branding

You may think of branding as only for corporations, but a job seeker brand is just as important. When potential employers look at your online presence, they’ll notice a lack of consistency across the platforms. Take some time to create parallel profiles that show your professional image and bio. Consider it your personal brand and allow it to showcase your values as a job seeker.

Posting Too Often

There does come a tipping point in social media. If you’re posting too often, hiring managers may wonder if you have time in the day to do your job. That doesn’t mean you can’t keep posting fun photos on Instagram; just be careful not to saturate the platform by posting too often.

Sharing Confidential Information

One of the things employers look for on social media is if the candidate adheres to professional standards. If they find that you’ve posted insider information about previous employers, it may raise a red flag about your ability to maintain confidential information. Go ahead and delete anything that may prove problematic in the future.

Including Inappropriate Content

While it may seem like common sense to keep inappropriate content off social media, it’s always good to be reminded. Go ahead and lock down Facebook to be private so you can continue to share fun activities without broadcasting your personal life to the world. But on the public platforms, don’t post anything that would raise a professional red flag.

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