Guide to Becoming a Successful Financial Analyst

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A career as a financial analyst in Tempe, AZ opens many doors. Financial analysts work in banks, insurance companies, pension funds, corporate finance, and more. But what does it take to become a financial analyst and thrive in the role? While you work toward your career path, it can be helpful to have financial services recruiting firms on your side. Let’s take a closer look.

What Does a Financial Analyst Do?

A financial analyst examines financial data to provide helpful information to their clients or employer. On a deeper level, financial analysts understand macro and microeconomics, can distill data, and create models and projections. Financial analysts may be employed to evaluate stocks, increase sales, or plan for marketing based on budget.


Skills and Education Requirements

If you’ve thought about being a financial analyst, what kind of formal background or education do you need. Financial services recruiting firms and employers generally require a bachelor’s degree focusing on economics, finance, statistics, or other related fields. The competition is high, so having an MBA can set you apart.


Certifications and Exams

Licenses and certifications generally depend on your location or the specific work. However, some certification programs can give you a leg up on your competition. You can choose to take the Series 7 and Series 63 exams and participate in the Chartered Financial Analyst program. These credentials can help a job search recruitment agency find you for open positions.


Financial Analyst Salary Expectations

According to the leading salary websites, the projected salary for a financial analyst is between $40,000 and $83,000 annually. The specific starting wage will largely depend on your background, education, certifications, and previous experience. Location will also be a significant factor in your earning potential.


Financial Services Recruiting Firms

Finding a financial analyst job doesn’t have to be a battle. Working with a financial recruiting services firm can provide you with additional resources you wouldn’t have access to on your own. Your specialized recruiters can tap into their extensive networks and be a partner in your job search journey.

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