Work Appropriate Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a fun season. With all the spooks and scares, and not to mention the candy, millions of Americans celebrate on October 31st every year. If your employer encourages your team to be fun and festive this month, here are some things to keep in mind when planning your Halloween costume. Happy Haunting!

Always Keep Professionalism in Mind

As much as we might love the “sexy” trope for costumes, they’re not a good fit for the workplace. Whatever you choose, be professional. Know that even if you dress up for the office Halloween party, you may see customers or vendors, and you’ll still need to be a positive representation for the company.

Stick With the Classics

For the workplace, it may be easier to stick with the classics. Movie monsters are always a great choice. Or you can revisit history and wear a dress reminiscent of the 50s or 60s. Sports personalities are also a great choice. Zombies became popular a few years ago, and they’re easy to do with ragged clothes and makeup. Or you can choose something from a movie or television show.

Avoid Harmful Stereotypes

When picking your costumes, stay away from stereotypes that may be offensive. When in doubt, ask yourself if the clothes or accessories belong to another culture. If it does, it’s not a costume. This includes things like sombreros, Pocahontas from Disney, or any skin-darkening makeup.

Stay Within the Dress Code

Sure, you will probably wear things to work on Halloween that would never be considered a part of the dress code. But try to stay as close to it as possible. For example, if you want to go as a black cat, skip the leotard and choose a black dress or slacks and a turtleneck instead. Then add your ears and tail, paint on a nose and whiskers, and you’re good to go.

Fun Examples for Halloween 2021

If you’re stumped, here are a few ideas you can use this year in the office.

  • Cactus: a green dress with pipe cleaner spines and a pink flower on your head.
  • Queen of Hearts: you can do a lot with a red dress and a deck of cards. Don’t forget your tiara.
  • Rosie the Riveter: comfortable and classic.
  • Clark Kent: put a Superman shirt under your button-down and wear your glasses.

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