Hiring in the Tempe Area is Still Difficult – What Are Some Ways To Attract More Applicants?

Attracting high-quality candidates in a tight market is a challenge for employers of every size and in every industry in the Tempe Area.  If you are looking for great people, here are some tips you can use to attract more applicants.

Be An Employer in Tempe People Want To Work For

Check reviews of your company on Indeed and Glassdoor. Are people saying it’s a great place to work? If they aren’t, you could have a recruitment problem on your hands. Applicants will look up your organization to see if people actually like working there. So, ask happy employees to leave good reviews. If you are overflowing with happy employees, consider applying for a Best Places To Work in Tempe award.

Pay Fairly, Pay Well

If you are not paying Tempe market rates for your jobs, you will always struggle to find applicants, and it will be even more challenging to hire reliable people who want to stay with your business. When the talent market is tight, you often have to boost your pay rates or juice up your benefits and perks to attract good people.

Working with an expert temp staffing firm and recruitment firm in Tempe can help you learn what the going rates are in your industry, so you know whether you are competitive.

Set Realistic Requirements

Sometimes, you aren’t finding applicants because your job listings are too restrictive. If you are unwavering in your requirements for candidates, you’ll find recruiting to be an uphill climb. Go through each job posting and determine which “must-have” requirements are really “nice-to-have.” Remember, hard skills can always be taught. Things like enthusiasm and emotional intelligence cannot, so rethink your true requirements for every job.

Showcase Culture and Corporate Responsibility

Good employees want to work for good companies. To attract strong candidates, you will want to showcase your company culture on your social media accounts and on your website, so that when potential candidates research your business, they can get a feel for what it’s like to work for you. If you don’t have a strong social media presence, you can work with a staffing firm in Tempe while you build that up. Leaning on a Tempe staffing agency allows you to instantly tap into their proven processes and established network while you focus on your business.

It is also becoming increasingly important to showcase your community involvement. People want to work for companies with values that align with their own, and they want to see the types of charities and organizations your business supports in and around the Tempe area.

Partner With An Expert Staffing and Recruiting Firm in Tempe

It can take months or more to implement strategies to attract a good cross-section of qualified applicants. And when you need people now, you don’t have the luxury of waiting.

That’s where CornerStone, an expert staffing and recruiting firm in Tempe, can help. Our recruiters can instantly connect you to a deep pool of talent in the Tempe area, and can efficiently match your business with your ideal candidate for every open role.

If you are ready to attract top talent to your business, contact CornerStone Tempe today to start the conversation.


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