Why Weekly Check-Ins are So Important for Your Remote Team

According to Global Workplace Analytics, it’s currently expected that about 25 to 30% of workers will remain remote at least part of the time by the end of 2021. This shift to work-from-home happened quickly due to the pandemic, but both companies and employees are seeing the many benefits. But that does mean employers need to adjust their management practices to accommodate the new workforce. One way to do that is through weekly check-ins with your remote team. Even if you plan to go back to the office, here are some tips to make these check-ins count.

Establishes Communication

When you can’t be with your team in-person, weekly check-ins establish a line of communication. And when you reach out to check in regularly, you’re giving your team access to you and improving their confidence to touch base with you when needed. Creating these communication channels will only strengthen your ability to manage remote employees.

Builds Trust

Weekly check-ins also build trust. Rather than checking in on your team every hour of every day, you’re trusting them to do the work they need at the right pace for them. As long as deadlines are met and the work fits your quality guidelines, you need to trust your employees that they can manage their own time and productivity. Weekly check-ins keep you from falling into a micromanagement pattern.

Provides Accountability

Of course, you still want to know where your team stands with any given project. Weekly check-ins give them a benchmark to prove their accountability. It also allows them to talk through any obstacles and challenges with others who may have a fresh take on the problems.

Increases Productivity

Weekly check-ins can also improve productivity. It gives your team a time and place to know when they need to reach certain milestones on their projects so they can aim to hit those or beat those. Remote productivity may look different from office productivity, which is why you need to adjust your management style to accommodate.

Improves Leadership

Weekly check-ins also provide you the ability to refine leadership. Not only will you improve your processes by which you manage employees remotely but you also see how other team members step up and provide leadership in a remote work environment

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