How to Empathetically Manage Employees with Children During a Crisis

Working during the COVID-19 crisis has been a learning curve for almost everyone. With more employees working from home, companies need to consider new situations every day. Not only are people working remotely, but many are also at home with their spouses and children. When school was in session, albeit remotely, it was one challenge. Now that it’s summertime having kids at home is another experience altogether. While work from home rules usually state that employees need to be undisturbed, this is a very different situation. How can managers be more empathetic with employees who have children home during this crisis?

Communicate Clearly

Regardless of anyone’s family situation at home, the most critical component for remote working is clear communication. Schedule time to talk with your employees and be available when they need to reach out to you with questions or for clarification.

Transparency will give you the confidence that they understand your directives and the goals while working from home.

Provide Flexible Schedules

While it isn’t what anyone thought this year would look like, know that parents don’t have a choice right now to work at home with their children present. And the children won’t even have the distraction of remote school work to keep them engaged over the summer. The parents who work with you will need a little extra flexibility in their day.

Keep in mind that this isn’t an ideal situation for anyone. Allowing your employees to be more flexible with their time and to focus on results not hours will help ease the stress levels for everyone.

Offer Employee Assistance Programs

Does your company have an EAP or Employee Assistance program? These are voluntary programs employers can provide that connect your team with the help they need for a variety of reasons. They are entirely confidential, and employees can connect with them regarding their mental wellbeing during this crisis.

Stress will play a significant factor as your employees work at home often with another working adult as well as children. If your company doesn’t currently have an EAP, it may be time to consider one. Look into what options are available through various services.

Boost Employee Morale

Many work-from-home employees, especially those who didn’t choose the arrangement, feel left out of the company culture. As the manager, this is the perfect time to develop creative solutions to boost employee morale. While virtual meetings are a great way to connect with and see your employees, but you can do more for parents working with their kids.

Don’t discount the little things, too. Send your employees a handwritten note to thank them for the work they do. Send them company swag to make them feel part of the team. Incorporate the idea of working with children into your regular activities.

Are you looking for more ways to effectively manage your remote team?

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