The Age of COVID-19: Are You Still Laid Off?

Businesses all across the country are slowly starting to open up again, but what happens if you still find yourself out of work? There are some things you can do to spend this time wisely and make sure you’re in the best position to be hired again. Here are some practical things you can do after being laid off as you wait for a new opportunity to become available.

Work on Your Resume and Cover Letter

You should view your resume and cover letter as living documents. They’re not just something you pull out and polish up when you’re looking for a job. This is why it feels so daunting every time you do it. Instead, work on them over time.

To improve your resume for your new job search while you’re laid off, consider how to showcase your professional accomplishments. Make your resume something that will attract readers and give them a reason to call you. Your cover letters should always be customized for each job, but you can start with a basic template to keep it simple.

Find Volunteer Opportunities

When you’re laid off, volunteering can keep you busy, keep your skills fresh, and give you something to include on your resume to account for your time. While volunteering might look a little different in the age of COVID-19, there are still plenty of opportunities to help with various needs in your community.

Reach out to your network to see if anyone could use some extra help, especially with your specific skill set. Look at local organizations in your town and connect with them to see how you can help.

Take Classes or Learn New Skills

Learning something new is always a great way to fill your time when you’re out of work. There are infinite online courses that can give your skills a boost. You can always put this information on your resume or cover letter as well. If an online course doesn’t work for you, consider a self-directed study option.

One of the best, and low cost, ways to learn new things is to read. Check out some books on professional or personal development. You can even listen to audiobooks or podcasts to help you increase your knowledge base.

Build Your Network

Connecting to your network is also a useful activity while you’re not working. The easiest place to start is on LinkedIn. But also connect with former colleagues to see what they’re up to currently. In many cases, finding a job isn’t just about submitting applications, it’s about building your connections.

While we may not be able to do a lot of in-person networking right now, consider setting up zoom meetings with people in your professional circle. Or, apply with a local staffing agency to tap into their network.

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