Leadership Podcasts for Managers

Podcasts have been around for a long time and have evolved. What started as simple online blogs through the Apple platform has now become a phenomenon that rivals traditional radio media. There are a ton of podcasts great for managers to brush up their skills, learn new things, and stay engaged even as we adjust to a professional world affected by COVID-19. Here’s a list of podcasts you might want to check out but know that not all views expressed in these podcasts are the views of CornerStone Staffing.

Awesome Office

While Awesome Office has merged with another Podcast, listening to old episodes will still give you insight on how to be a great leader in your organization. The podcast focused on inspiring people, creating culture, and improving leadership. They touted themselves as a look behind the curtain to help you use the skills they’ve developed to improve your own business.

The Nice Guys on Business

Hosts Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner wanted to create a podcast that wasn’t your average business show. They wanted to break out of the mold and bring important information in a fresh new way to help business leaders develop and grow. They interview top industry leaders and get down and dirty with behind the scenes stuff. But be aware, this one can get a little explicit.

Lead to Win with Michael Hyatt

Esteemed business leader Michael Hyatt has several podcasts, but his Lead to Win show is well worth a listen if you’re looking to boost your leadership skills. The show is all about building confidence to make you a better leader on the job and in life.

Women’s Leadership Podcast

Women’s Leadership Coach Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin offers leaders, especially women in business, the tools to succeed. She focuses on leadership, advancement, and work/life balance. She interviews other women in leadership roles to impart their wisdom for listeners.

Beyond the To-Do List

One of the most popular business podcasts on the web, Beyond the To-Do List, gives listeners more insight on what it is to be a leader. It doesn’t just take you through the steps of success but gives you a framework to go beyond the basics. This is all about productivity both in business and in life.

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