What, When, Why, and Where: The 4 W’s of Social Recruiting

Are you working with social recruiting in your business? This is the use of social media platforms to source potential candidates. But social media has its own ecosystem and rules of engagement, so you need to know how to navigate it for this purpose. That’s why we recommend the 4 W’s of social recruiting. They are what, when, why, and where. Here is how to incorporate this concept into your hiring process.


Social recruiting is the use of social media to target and communicate with prospective employees. This goes beyond just posting jobs online. It’s about building a community and interacting with followers to create a culture that makes people interested in applying with your organization. The what of social recruiting is all about building those connections and making the most of your online communities. Not only are you able to target potential customers through the use of social media, but you can also pique the interest of potential employees by demonstrating what makes you a great company to work with.


People often don’t think about posting to social media unless they have an immediate need, but that’s not the best strategy. It’s important to create a social media presence even when you’re not looking for employees. Potential candidates should see that you have good online activity and don’t only interact with the public when you need something.


The essentials of social recruiting come down to targeting people where they are. The vast majority of job seekers are on social media already. Even when they’re not actively looking for a job, they’re influenced by the things they see on their social feed. Having a good online presence will ensure that qualified employees see your needs and feel confident about applying.


The most practical aspect of creating a social recruiting strategy is to know where. LinkedIn the most common social media platform for employers, but there are others. Many people use Facebook, so having a frequently updated business page is a smart move. Other platforms that may work for your company are Twitter, Instagram, or even Pinterest.

Are you using social media to target your next team members?

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