Help! I Can’t get Hired

Even as we start to emerge from the effects of COVID-19 and shelter in place orders, we know that the job market may take some time to recover. If you’re struggling to find a new job by stepping up to the plate but hitting nothing but strikes, we hope this blog can give you some relevant batting tips. Regardless of the current climate, using these strategies will help you keep busy, and enable you to land your next job.

Work with a Staffing Agency

If you’re struggling to find your next job, try applying with a staffing agency. Many have adjusted their process to make it easier to apply online. Once they have your application, they can talk with you about your experience and interests. Then their job is to match qualified employees with their client companies’ open positions. They can help you find a job faster.

Volunteer in the Community

There will be a massive need for additional help in your community once we start emerging from stay at home orders. If you are having a hard time finding a job, consider volunteering with a local organization. You will get an additional experience you can add to your resume, which can improve your chances of getting hired.

Take Classes

Even before things start going back to normal, you can invest in your career development by taking some online classes. There are even universities and online learning programs that offer free courses. Taking classes can help you fill in that employment gap as well, so you can demonstrate to a future employer what you did while you were out of work.

Freelance or Gig Work

While it may not be your ideal choice, you could consider freelancing or embracing the Gig Economy. For example, services such as food delivery or shopping assistance have been very important during this crisis to help those who need to stay at home have access to goods and food. It will not be unusual for people to have this kind of experience on their resume after the economy starts to reopen.

Can temp work be a good fit for you?

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