What Does Your Job Description Really Say?

When you write a job description for an open position, it’s like the resume for the job. And just like you want the resumes from candidates to stand out, your job needs to do the same thing. When you’re creating a job posting to attract top talent, including millennials, how can you make it interesting enough for them to send their resume? Here are some tips.

Let Them Know Why They Should Apply

People don’t want just any job; they want a job they will love. And you don’t want just any employee, you want an employee who is a good match for your company. So, talk about what you have to offer as an employer. Why do they want to apply to your job instead of countless other jobs?

Show Your Purpose and Mission

To give potential employees a real sense of who you are as an employer, you need to dive deep into your corporate values and mission. Show your purpose beyond just turning a profit. You want to paint a picture that allows for millennial employees to see themselves working for your company and feel valued and like they make a difference.

Provide Good Work/Life Balance

More than any other generation, the millennials led the charge to take back their work/life balance. They want to be able to leave work at work, not be micromanaged in terms of when they take time away from the office, and even trusted to work successfully in a remote situation.

Be Unique and Excited

You also want to express your unique voice in your job postings. For example, if you’re looking for an administrative assistant and you create a fairly boilerplate job description, what’s going to encourage someone to apply with you rather than another job. Be unique without being too cutesy or clever. Be genuinely excited about the work you do and the opportunity you’re offering.

Be Specific

Of course, a job description can’t be all about everything but the job. You need to be specific about what you’re looking for as well. Here’s the thing, your job description will likely be a snapshot of a perfect candidate, but that doesn’t mean every applicant will check every box or that those applicants aren’t perfect for the job. Be specific about what you’re looking for and you’ll see much more qualified candidates.

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