Why A Recruiter is Your Best Friend

You’ve probably heard about partnering with a staffing agency to help you reach your hiring goals. Maybe you have regular short-term projects that need temporary help, or perhaps you need assistance hiring a hard to find skillset. A recruiter can be your best friend in the hiring process. Here are several reasons working with a recruiting agency can help you grow your business.

Career Transition Practices

Recruiters are in the business of people. They can place someone for any role at your company, but they can also see whether or not a potential employee has the skills and talent they need to grow in your company. Career transition practices are not just for your employees; a recruiter can spot potential and make placements based on your needs and the employee’s interests.

Shorter Time to Hire

A recruiter can also help you shorten the time to hire. Hiring is often a long process. You have to post a job, sometimes receive hundreds of resumes, review those resumes, contact your shortlist of candidates, and conduct phone interviews. Schedule and conduct face to face interviews. Process necessary background checks and references. And finally, handle the hiring paperwork. A staffing partner can handle all of this, which makes the time to hire much shorter in your company.

Ability to Scale

A staffing partner can also give you the ability to scale. They work with talent regularly, and when you need new employees, a staffing partner will be ready to help you grow right away. They will also know your business while working with you so they can source the right people who are the right fit for your environment that allows you to bring more people in when you’re ready to hire.

Lower Overhead Costs

Ultimately, hiring is expensive. There is no getting around the various expenses involved in the hiring process. But a staffing partner will work with you to create a staffing plan that fits your budget. You pay for the services without the additional cost of employment until you’re ready to hire an employee on your own payroll in the future.

Could working with an agency help your company?

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