The Best Way to Get Noticed by a Recruiter

If you are looking for a new job, have you considered working with a recruiter? There are plenty of reasons to consider a staffing agency, but once you apply, you still have to stand out from the crowd. How do you get noticed by a recruiter and have a better shot at landing a job? Here are some tips for getting noticed and your foot in the door.

Be Clear About What You Want

One thing that can frustrate a recruiter is a job seeker who won’t be honest or clear about what they want. A recruiter may call you with opportunities, and if you continually say that those aren’t a fit for what you’re looking for, they may not call again. Instead, you can mitigate that by being very clear about your job search from the start. That way, the recruiter will only call you with opportunities that are a match for your skills and interests.

Communicate Effectively

Throughout the process, it’s also imperative that you communicate effectively and often. If a recruiter calls you for a job, don’t ghost them. If you do, they probably won’t call you back. But if you’re regularly communicative, they will have more of a reason to touch base with and are willing to talk to you about potential opportunities. Make sure that your communication is strong in person as well as online and over the phone.

Highlight Accomplishments

When you’re looking for a job, don’t just tell the recruiter that you have specific experience, demonstrate it. They want to know that they are placing a top-quality candidate in the job, so you have to prove it. Show, don’t tell, about your background. Talk about the specific ways you improved your last company or how much money your work earned the organization in just one calendar year.

Be Reliable

Finally, be reliable. If you apply with a staffing service and are available for short term positions, go ahead and take them. Once you prove your reliability to a recruiter, they are going to be in your corner to ensure that you get the right permanent placement job at their best clients. You represent the recruiter to the companies they work with, so they are going to be much more ready and willing to promote someone who has done a great job for them in the past.

Do you want to work with a recruiter to help you find your next job?

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