Leverage Yourself To Stand Out At Your Next Interview

Competition for jobs is always fierce. You need much more than just a polished resume. But communicating well and making the best case for yourself as the top candidates can take you a long way. If you want to leverage your own experience and stand out at your next interview, here are some ways you can show your excitement for the job, maintain a great dialogue, and engage the interviewer.

Show Excitement

The number one priority for any hiring manager is to bring someone into the company who is genuinely excited to work there. People who are just looking for a job, any job are not going to be a good long-term fit. To set yourself apart, you need to demonstrate that you are excited about the position, and that will make them eager to hire you.

Be Forthcoming

Another obstacle that many interviewers face is the feeling that they have to pry answers out of candidates. Don’t make them have to dig. When they ask a question, be forthcoming with your response. If you don’t know the answer, it really is okay for you to say, “I don’t know the answer to that, let me think about it, and we can circle back.” Otherwise, make sure you’re always honest when asked questions.

Don’t Be Generic

Similarly, employers don’t want to hire someone who responds with canned answers. Being too generic and just answering what you think they want to hear will be just as damaging as not giving them enough information. For example, everyone is going to say that they’re a team player and a people person. Try to do better than that.

Weave a Narrative

One way to answer questions more engagingly is to use storytelling. Humans are conditioned to respond to stories. For example, rather than just saying you’re a team player, tell the interviewer about a time when you had to help your coworkers succeed. Or rather than telling them you have initiative, talk about a time when you took charge and make something happen.

Be Genuine

Finally, you must be yourself. If you put on a persona because you think that’s what they’re looking for, you may find yourself in a job that you don’t love. Show your personality; you want the company to know who they are hiring and that you’re a good fit for their organization. If they don’t feel like they mesh with you, it may not be a place you’d want to work.

Are you ready for your next interview?

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