How To Integrate Your Temp Workforce Into The Company Culture

Do your temp workers feel at home in your workplace? It can be hard for short-term employees to feel welcome, but it’s entirely up to you and your staff to create a program that can help integrate temps into your company culture. You can do this through onboarding practices designed to include contingent workers. Here are a few ways you can ensure your temporary workforce feels at home when starting an assignment.

Have Their Work Space Ready

There are so many times when temporary employees show up on an assignment only to have to wait until someone has time to set them up with a desk, computer, and other necessary office supplies. Don’t wait to do this until after a temp arrives. Take a little time the day before to ensure that everything is ready to go, including pens and a notebook.

 Involve Your Other Employees

Your permanent staff is an important part of creating a comfortable workplace. Before the temp starts, talk to your employees about them and the expectations for their assignment. Sometimes, permanent employees feel threatened by temps, so ensure them that the temp worker is there to ease the workload, not to replace anyone. When you include them in the onboarding process, it can demonstrate this in action.

Make Feedback Important

You may think that you shouldn’t provide feedback because your staffing agency will do it, but that’s not true. You need to provide feedback while the temp is working to reinforce their behavior. This isn’t just constructive criticism but also positive feedback. And make sure you provide this feedback to the recruiter as well.

Design a Mentor Program

You should also trust experienced team members to introduce new contractors to your company culture. Along with training for the specific assignment, make sure your temp knows they can go to current employees to find out about the workplace. They can answer questions about breaks, socializing, expectations. It will also include your employees in the process and keep them engaged.

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