Pros of Interviewing for A Position You Don’t Think You Want

If you’re job hunting, you’re probably pretty aware of what is and isn’t a waste of your time. You may have been invited to interview for a position you don’t think you want. Your gut instinct tells you to say no, but what if there were benefits to this exercise. There are several pros of interviewing for a job you don’t think you want, some of which may be surprising. Let’s take a closer look.

Maybe It’s Perfect

You never know when you can find a hidden gem buried among the rubble. Even if you think a job is going to be the worst, give the interview a chance anyway. You could be surprised to find out that the company culture or the job itself are perfectly aligned with your personal goals. If you decide to skip it, you could miss out on an amazing opportunity. You don’t know until you try.

Hone Your Skills

At the very least, even if it isn’t perfect, you can practice your interviewing skills. Interviewing is like any art. The more you do it, the better you get at it. It can help you learn to relax, be ready to answer questions. And when the pressure is off, you can see what your potential is in these situations. You can then transfer what you’ve learned to the interviews you really want.

Learn What Hiring Managers Want

When you interview without expectations, you can also get a better feel for what hiring managers are looking for in a candidate. You won’t have to fixate on what to say to impress them, you can get to the heart of what they want, which will be helpful even for a job you’re excited about.

Expand Your Network

Interviewing with a company you’re not interested in working for is still a reasonable chance to meet new people. The hiring manager may not stay at this job forever, and when you make a good impression you may still be on their radar for the future. You may want to keep in touch with them as well because a connection can be worth a lot.

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