Day 1 – How to Make It Easier for Your New Employees

Just like an employee needs to make a good first impression to their new company, a company needs to make a good first impression to their new employee. How can you make the first day on the job easier for brand new staff members? If you don’t, they may quickly become dissatisfied with your organization and it’s startling how many new employees leave a job before their first 90 days is up. So here are some helpful tips to keep your new team happy and engaged from day one.

Create a plan for their arrival.

There is nothing worse for a new employee than to have to sit around and wait for equipment, an office, or their manager or trainer to simply be ready for them. Be sure that you’re prepared ahead of their start time so you can jump right into everything. You need to ensure your new team member feels valued rather than feeling like an imposition.

Ensure they’re not alone for breaks and lunch.

It’s a universal experience feeling like a new kid anytime someone comes into a brand new environment. To give your new employee a sense of community and belonging, make sure they don’t spend their first day alone during breaks or lunches. Take them out or plan something in the break room to help them feel like they’re being welcomed.

Provide adequate training for the job.

No matter their previous experience, there will be things about their new job that they’ll need to learn. Make sure that you’re not just throwing them from the frying pan into the fire on their first day. Train them about your policies and procedures as well as your company culture to give a sense of understanding.

Develop a mentorship program.

Another great way to make your new employees feel welcomed is to create a mentorship program in your office. Pair your current employees with a new staff member to show them the ropes. This isn’t just about the on-the-job training, but also a way to get to know the office environment and company culture. It also makes your long-term team members feel like they’re part of the process.

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