Customer Service Reps vs. Chatbots – What Is Right for Your Company?

It’s an introvert’s dream. Many people with social anxiety have embraced the online chatbot for all of their customer service needs. But is there a reason to consider chatbots versus traditional customer service representatives for your business? How do you know what is the right answer? There are a variety of reasons customers may prefer chatbots over calling your customer service line, or vice versa. Offering a variety of tools will help your company be competitive in the industry.

Let’s take a closer look at how chatbots evolved and how the use of a chatbot might affect your company’s reputation and people skills.

The Rise of the Use of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

So what is a chatbot? This is a computer program that creates an interactive experience through the web allowing users to ask questions and providing answers. Some exist using artificial intelligence, or AI, while others utilize messaging services much like a traditional phone-based customer service experience.

But even some of the online message systems utilize a technology to make it possible to handle more than just sending a .gif to your sister. Even on Facebook, one of the most popular instant messengers, you can make a payment, set an appointment, book a service, and more without leaving the app.

But AI takes that to the next level completely. The Chatbot can predict the correct responses to specific questions and provide the right service without ever connecting the user to a company representative.

How Will This Affect the Customer Service Experience?

The place where a chatbot will succeed in the world of customer service is the first line questions. These common questions that can be handled with a few simple steps will make it easier for the user to find their answers quickly and for the company to spend their time and energy on more complex customer service issues.

Chatbots also make this kind of connection easier for users. It is becoming increasingly common for people to communicate via text or messenger rather than over the phone. In fact, many people indicate that they have phone-related anxiety and would rather get information via text or the web. Some even go so far as to only book services that they can do online. It’s essential that companies tap into this cultural phenomenon or these users will begin to migrate to services that do.

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