4 Areas Bogging Down Your IT Team

Do you feel as though your IT team isn’t as productive as it could be? Maybe you find yourself micromanaging more than you want. Or maybe you are spending more time correcting mistakes than managing at all. If you’re frustrated, it may not be your team’s fault. Consider your processes and the ways your IT staff can get bogged down along the way. Here are four areas to consider if you’re concerned about productivity in your information technology department.

1. Too much multitasking.

Did you know that the human brain isn’t designed to do more than one task at a time? And yet, we consider multitasking the gold-standard in business environments. But this idea may be doing more harm than good. Rather than insisting on multitasking, make the art of prioritization a more important part of the job. Start with yourself and block off sections of the day to accomplish tasks or work on a project. When you’ve improved that area of your day, help your team prioritize their day.

2. Too much red tape.

IT departments may also have to deal with a lot of additional corporate red tape or overall governance than they perceive other departments having. But that doesn’t mean this has to be the way things are. As the manager, you can revisit some of your processes and procedures to make it easier for your team to innovate.Take a step back and examine each step of the process. Don’t be accusatory or inflammatory. Keep the parts that make sense and simplify the parts that have become bloated.

3. 100 percent programming solutions.

Programming is the heart and soul of IT, but that doesn’t mean it is the only way to solve a problem. And when the pressure is on an IT department to solve every issue with new programming, it can lead to sloppy coding and other unexpected problems in the future. Encourage multiple avenues to solve problems in the IT department. Should your team be programming? Do you need to hire a consultant or expert in the area on a project basis? Is outsourcing the right answer? Is programming not even the best answer? Consider all options and make the right decision.

4. Focusing on projects but not releases.

Another stumbling block for IT teams is the focus on the projects but not the releases. This means that your staff always feeling like they are working to catch up. Instead, create long-term goals that the individual projects will come together to form. Make the release the priority so your team knows what they are working toward. Focusing on smaller goals will lead to the accomplishment of achieving the long-term goal.

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