6 Traits Employers and Recruiters Look for in Call Center Employees

If you’re in the market for a call center job, you may want to consider some of the important traits that recruiters are looking for when filling these openings. The truth is, call center positions aren’t one-size-fits-all and a recruiter needs to weigh the experience and personal skills of each candidate before making a placement. But that could be good news for you. Here are 6 traits that are most important to recruiters placing call center professionals and how you can develop those traits.

1. Professional attitude.

You need to demonstrate that you are a professional and that you will treat this job with complete respect. When you’re dealing with outside callers, having a professional attitude will be critical. This will be reflected in your resume, your dress for an interview, and how you interact with the hiring manager.

2. Attention to detail.

You also need to be sure you are paying attention to detail throughout the process. A lot of the work that call center employees do is predicated upon the smallest details. So you can demonstrate your grasp on this by ensuring that your resume is correct on all levels, including spelling and grammar. And when you’re interviewing, pay attention to the little things and make call backs to them as you talk.

3. Good communication skills.

A call center job is also about communication. You need to communicate important details to customers within a short time frame. You can enhance your communications skills by practicing, writing, and considering the ways you respond to others. You can demonstrate this for a hiring manager through your resume, your cover letter, and with phone calls and interviews.

4. Organizational skills.

You also have to remain highly organized to be effective in a call center role. Knowing where things are, how to find things, and maintaining a neat and orderly work space is critical. This is especially true if you share a workspace with another shift. You can hone your organization skills by working with a variety of apps designed to help you schedule and organize your time.

5. Calm under pressure.

You also need to develop skills to keep your calm under pressure. There will definitely be times where angry customers will take out their rage on you, and it is essential that you maintain calm. It may sound a little strange, but meditation techniques and breathing exercises can help you maintain your calm when customers are angry.

6. Speed and efficiency.

Call centers also often operate on a quota system. That means you need to handle a certain number of calls within your shift. While some calls may take longer than others, being efficient will allow you to maintain your numbers and continually improve. The best way to do this is homework. Learn the procedures for your company and how to apply them in certain situations.

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