Boring Candidates? Boring Job Descriptions Might Be Why

Do you find it hard to stifle a yawn when looking at new resumes or interviewing candidates for your open positions? It may not be a lack of energy in the local talent pool causing this to happen. Boring candidates can be a result of boring job descriptions attracting the wrong personality types to your jobs. But you have the power to spice things up, and here’s how. Before you put your next job opening out there to hope for a new batch of exciting candidates, consider these 4 ways you can improve your job descriptions to attract a better overall quality of potential employee.

Be excited.

Candidates can tell when you’re excited about your own business or opportunity. If you don’t convey this, they may not see what kind of a great job you have to offer. Use your own enthusiasm about working with your company to show some personality in your job description. Don’t just be exciting, be excited about the prospect of these great new candidates working for you.

Start with a bang.

Your job description needs to start with the most exciting part of your company. Use whatever it is to grab attention without being too over the top that you achieve the opposite effect. This needs to start with an attention grabbing headline to convince candidates to click on your job posting.

Include important info.

You also want to make sure that you share the most pertinent information to the job. Without providing a laundry list of duties, share the general responsibilities. Provide a salary range so you can focus on candidates who are qualified but realistic for the job opportunity.

Personalize it.

Finally, you want to personalize the job description. Make it inviting to apply. Some companies personalize a description by including a photo of the recruiter so candidates can get an idea of who they will be talking with when they submit their resume. This can humanize the process so they don’t feel like they are sending their resume into a black hole.

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