3 Ways to Check if the Job Offer is Right for You

When you’ve been on the job market for an extended period of time it can feel like you must accept any job offer that comes your way. However, it is very important that you only accept an offer that fits with your life outside work, your career goals, and your personal values. How do you know that a job is right for you when you’re given an offer? Here are some tips.

  1. Compare and contrast. Look at how this job stacks up against your current job or projected career path. Is there a better commute or work from home options? What is the salary? What kind of growth potential does it offer? What kind of connection do you feel you can have with the team? How does it fit into your long term goals? Some aspects can be negotiable but others are essential for your long term happiness.
  2. Know before an offer is extended. No amount of money can make a bad job into a good one. You will know before you are given an offer if you feel like this opportunity is a good fit for you. Consider two specific categories: the money and everything else. Know your walk-away number before you enter into negotiations. This can be figured out using your current or previous salary history, salary surveys in your areas such as Salary.com, and how much you need to make to pay for your lifestyle and still have money in savings.  The benefits, hours, flexibility, and work/life balance also need to be considered.
  3. How the offer is presented. In a highly competitive market, a verbal offer shouldn’t be the end of the process. It is very important that when a company says they want for you to start with them that you see an offer with all of the benefits and money listed in writing. This can prevent miscommunications or misunderstandings that come with verbal offers. If a company is unwilling to give you a written job offer it may be time to walk way.

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