Hiring Challenges You May Face

The US economy is still recovering and that puts many businesses in an interesting position. Revenue is starting to improve but budgets are still tight. What does all this mean for hiring? What are some challenges that you are likely to face as a business looking to hire new talent the rest of this year? Here are three problems and potential solutions.

  1. Mobile Recruiting. There are a lot of hiring trends that HR and hiring managers try to avoid thinking they might just be a gimmick whose time will pass. Mobile recruiting is not one of those things. Most of us have a smart phone or other type of mobile device and many internet users access the web solely in this way. Even if can look as someone and proudly state, “I don’t have or want a smart phone,” it is impossible to ignore that most of society does. This is especially true of the individuals that you are looking to hire for your organization. It is important to optimize your site and your job postings to be easy to access through mobile devices. For instance, rather than having sections which require typed paragraphs, allow the potential candidates to populate this information with their existing social media links.
  2. Skills gap. There is still a bit of a divide in the employee pool between the skills employers are looking for and what people know how to do. A bad hire can cause a lot of damage before action is taken so hiring the right person from the start is extremely important. Make sure your internal job descriptions and the subsequent job postings really match your requirements or the resumes submitted will simply waste your time. Be thorough in your interview and allow the candidates to get specific and in depth about their experience. Don’t skip the reference check as even a casual conversation can give you important information.
  3. Visual media. Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are not passing fads. This level of visual media is becoming very important not only for your recruiting strategy but also your overall social media plan. Consider recording a recruitment video for your website. Make sure your site is dynamic and visual. Use Pinterest to create a job board inviting people to view what your company does before they submit a resume.

Are you looking for more creative ways to approach hiring challenges for the rest of 2013? Contact the team at CornerStone staffing to see how we can help you. 

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