Are Your Employees Getting What They Need?

An employee’s primary role within a company is to make money for the business but this doesn’t mean they should be treated poorly, or worse, dehumanized. How are your employees treated? Have you witnessed insulting or perhaps even harassing situations in your work place? As the owner or manager, it is up to you to create a culture where employees feel valued and respected. Are you employees getting what they need? Think about these situations for your business.

  • Subtle body language. Have you found yourself rolling your eyes at an employee behind their back or raising your voice at them? This is something you need to consider. You know that you do not feel good when someone treats you this way. No one does. Stop dismissing your employees in your casual conversations.
  • Ask for feedback. Ask your employees to tell you when you’ve made them feel bad about themselves or their jobs. Let them know that you have an open door policy and that you take all concerns seriously. Then do exactly that. Allow people to come talk to you privately when they feel they have been disrespected by you or by other members of the team.
  • Provide feedback. The same is true for your employees. Don’t call employees out publicly for mistakes or problems. Take them aside, talk to them privately,  and express how you want to help them correct the error and grow as a person from the experience. This is how everyone would prefer to be treated. So why don’t more businesses do it. When people experience public embarrassment they don’t learn from the situation they just hold on to resentment.
  • You can’t buy respect. Having a nice benefits package and additional perks available is certainly a good way to treat your employees but they can’t replace the way you interact with individuals on a personal level. If an employee feels disrespected on the job no amount of money will make them less bitter about their relationship with you and the business.

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