5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Culture

Can you describe your corporate culture? Has your organization thought about how you would like your culture to be, and to reflect on your business as a whole? When you’re interviewing potential new employees, you are weighing their pros and cons, but candidates are also sizing you up – and your corporate culture could be costing you great employees.

Foster a positive corporate culture to help find and retain great talent!

When your corporate culture is a positive and encouraging one, the enthusiasm and pride is contagious – which can help you land your next great team member. Here are five tips to help encourage a more positive culture within your company:

1. Encourage questions and learning.
Technical skills and experience are an important part of any position, but in some companies, they can pigeonhole employees and narrow their focus. Often times, employees have ideas that fall outside their areas of “specialty,” but don’t raise the thought because of fear. Foster a culture where asking questions and making suggestions are encouraged. You have the power to create an environment where employees feel comfortable, even excited, to learn more and offer ideas. And employees who feel like a part of the “big picture” show increased productivity.

2. Don’t punish mistakes.
No one enjoys making mistakes. As a society, we’re conditioned at a young age to believe that mistakes are bad, and failure is unacceptable. In business, nothing could be further from the truth! As Benjamin Franklin once said, “I didn’t fail the test. I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.” Accept mistakes as a learning opportunity.  Encourage your employees to try new things and, yes, make mistakes – so that they can learn from them. When employees aren’t afraid of being scolded by the boss for making a mistake, they’re more likely to embrace the mistake and truly learn.

3. Celebrate birthdays and milestones.
Who doesn’t appreciate a card or even some cake once in awhile?  We all feel special on our birthdays, and bringing a little bit of that recognition into the workplace can make a world of a difference for employees. Are any of your employees celebrating anniversaries with your company? Thank them for their continued hard work. Taking a small bit of interest in your employees’ difference can have a profound impact.

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