How to Speak About Previous Job Experience in an Interview

Interviews can be scary things. We’re not trained to talk about ourselves with strangers all the time. And how do you talk about your previous job experience in an interview when it may not have been the most favorable environment? It’s vital that you stay professional regardless of the circumstances. Here are our tips for talking about your jobs.  

Talking About Previous Job Experience in an Interview Setting

Use the Job Description as Your Guide 

The job description is your best source for information about the job. Review and determine how to talk about what they want in the context of your past work. This shows them that you know what the job entails and are willing to discuss how you can help them specifically.  

Review Your Resume and Cover Letter 

Reviewing your resume and cover letter before interviewing is also helpful. What did you tell them that may have led to their choice to interview you? What correlations exist between your resume and the job description that you can play up for the conversation?  

Make Connections Between Your Experience and the Job 

To better illustrate your information, make strong connections between your last job and the position they’re hiring for. You want to draw examples from your previous experience that showcase why you would be an excellent choice to engage in this role.  


It does not hurt to practice interviewing before you leave for your meeting. An interview can make you nervous, and that’s normal, but it’s crucial that you convey confidence in your previous experience and discuss your work with the interviewer. Ask a loved one about your primary talking points to get past the nerves.  

Stay Positive 

Throughout the interview, it’s also critical that you remain positive. Avoid sharing negative reasons why you might be looking for another job. When they ask why you left your previous position, you want to focus on the opportunity to move into a new role, not on why the other situation frustrated you or why you don’t get along with coworkers or management.  

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