Career Guide: How to Become a Payroll Specialist

Have you thought about a career as a payroll specialist? Payroll specialists are responsible for all aspects of payroll, including expenses and budgets. Accounting and administrative job recruiters have experience finding great jobs for qualified applicants. Before you begin your search, here is our career guide for becoming a payroll specialist in Tempe, AZ.

Skills for Payroll Specialists in Tempe, AZ

Payroll specialists will handle a lot of math and data entry in their roles. They’ll check timesheets for accuracy, input information into a database or spreadsheet, process checks and direct deposits, and process other financial necessities such as taxes, garnishments, or wage adjustments. To become a payroll specialist, you’ll need to have good attention to detail, math skills, a comfort level with technology, payroll software experience, and the ability to work on a team.

The Tempe AZ Job Outlook for Payroll Specialists

The average salary for payroll specialists in Tempe, AZ, is around $41,000 per year. The specific salary will depend on prior experience. Payroll specialists are always in demand in the area, and the role is necessary for every industry. The area is home to manufacturing operations and the corporate headquarters for many organizations, including aerospace and medical devices. Payroll specialists are essential across the board.

Qualifications Needed

To qualify as a payroll specialist, do you need any additional credentials with your skills and experience? A high school diploma or GED is the minimum, but many companies also want to see candidates with a bachelor’s degree. Degrees in accounting are highly preferred. There are several certifying bodies, but requirements vary from state to state, so check out certification programs in your area.

Next Steps for Working with Job Placement Services in Tempe

Are you ready to find your next payroll specialist job in Tempe, AZ? Applying with an administrative staffing and recruiting agency can give you an edge over your competition. We work with local businesses that are always looking for top talent in accounting and payroll. Contact CornerStone Staffing Agency in Temp.

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