Avoiding Workplace Distractions: Employee Edition

Workplace distractions can be a significant contributor to lost productivity. Last month we addressed manager distractions, but this month we want to share with employees and job seekers how to avoid distractions in the workplace and put their best foot forward. If you want to know how to make a great impression or change the course of your career, here are our top tips.

Eliminate Outside Noise

One of the most distracting elements when trying to be productive is noise. Do what you can to eliminate excess background sounds. Do this by finding a quiet place to work or replacing outside noise with something productive like music or a podcast that can help you focus.

Organize Your Workspace for Peak Productivity

Your office space can also influence your productivity as well. When you work in an unorganized area, you can often waste time finding the items you need when you have to work on something. If you have a place for everything where it can be easily found as you’re working, you can increase your efficiency.

Use a Calendar System

Don’t let tasks fall through the cracks. Use a calendar to keep up with the things you need to accomplish every day. There are dozens of task tracking apps, or you can use online calendars like Google or Outlook. Or you can keep a paper calendar to have the satisfaction of crossing off tasks once they’re completed.

Know When to Say No

Distractions sometimes come in the form of additional tasks that you weren’t counting on. There are times when you can’t say no to some things, but there are other tasks that you can decline politely. Know when you can say no and avoid giving yourself extra pressure when possible.

Use Meetings Correctly

Meetings are a similar distraction when they happen constantly and aren’t always productive. You can also plan your meetings efficiently and avoid those that aren’t necessary for you to attend. You can talk to your manager about which meetings are essential for you and present a case about how avoiding some meetings will make you more productive.

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