Tips on Hiring Top Talent in a Candidate Shortage

COVID-19 continues to impact the job market. Despite more people out of work, there continues to be a labor shortage across various industries. That means companies have to be more strategic to find and retain top talent today. Attracting high-quality candidates during a talent shortage requires an emphasis on company culture and attractive benefits. Here are some tips to help you stay competitive.


Location is Key for Phoenix Staffing

One thing we know about the current employment market is that long commutes are no longer standard for employees. With options to work from home and job openings across Phoenix, staffing needs to be more centralized. Especially with the distance within the city itself, it’s essential to draw from the local area to ensure that employees won’t ghost jobs when something better and closer comes along.


Adjust What Makes You Attractive

The job market may have changed for good with the pandemic. That means companies need to focus on the things that make them stand out from their competition. While salary adjustments are an excellent place to start, they can’t end there. Some companies are offering extras like sign-on bonuses or added benefits to employees at all levels.


Make Safety a Priority

The change in the workplace will also affect the need for safety across the board. Employment agencies in Arizona are picking up on ideas for increased safety measures and helping their client companies move forward. Increased cleanings for high-touch surfaces, masking, and incentives for vaccinations can help increase confidence in returning to the workplace.


Reevaluate PTO and Sick Leave

Similarly, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis raises more questions about how U.S. companies handle sick leave and other paid time off requests. Because there might be higher levels of exposure in some jobs, companies need to be aware of the risk their employees are taking and provide them reasonable accommodations if they or a member of their family is exposed. Increased PTO and flexible schedules can also offer additional benefits for Phoenix area employees.


Forge Your Path with Employment Agencies in Arizona

Ultimately, every company will need to decide what’s right for them as they move forward. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Working with a temp agency in Phoenix can help you find top talent locally to assist you as you ramp up again. Short-term help can lead to long-term employee satisfaction.

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