Tips For Finding A Tech Job in the Phoenix Area

As a tech pro, you know your skills are in high demand. If you’re searching for tech jobs in Phoenix, there is no shortage of options. What is challenging, however, is finding the right tech job for you.  If you are looking for a tech job in the Phoenix area, here are some tips.

Looking For A Tech Job in Phoenix? Write A Cover Letter

You may be asking yourself, “Who writes cover letters anymore?”

And that’s precisely the point.

Many, many candidates neglect this step, and it can help you stand out from your competitors if you do it well. Your cover letter is the chance to provide some insight into who you are and the value you bring to the table. It is a place to connect the dots and even address potential issues like a gap in your work history. If you’re not sending custom cover letters, you could be sabotaging your search.

Customize Your Resume For Each Tech Job You Apply For

Sending the same resume every time you apply for a job saves you time, but it also can cost you interviews. Many employers in Phoenix use automated systems to score resumes based on how well they match the job description. By customizing your resume, you are highlighting the skills the employer thinks are essential, and you’re using relevant keywords from the job posting.

Taking a few extra minutes to make sure you’re incorporating those elements can greatly increase your chances of finding your ideal tech job in Phoenix.

Strengthen Your Remote Interviewing Skills

Many employers in Phoenix have chosen to become remote-first or to leverage some remote practices. This means that remote interviews will continue to increase in popularity over time.

While remote interviews follow the same basic protocols and procedures as in-person interviews,  some things are different. If you land a remote interview, make sure to:

  • Thoroughly research the company prior to the interview.
  • The day before, confirm the time for the interview.
  • Test the link to the interview several days in advance to make sure it works.
  • Find a quiet place to interview.
  • Wear a professional outfit, including professional pants – you never know when your camera angle will shift.
  • Sign on at least 10 minutes early to the interview.
  • Make sure to ask the interviewer to repeat herself if the connection lags. It’s better to be sure of what’s going on than to wing it.

And, as always, you’ll want to ask for the next steps before signing off. This demonstrates your continued interest in the role.

Work With A Professional IT Recruiter

A tech job search can be overwhelming, even when your skills are in high demand. Working with a professional tech recruiter can help ease your stress while also increasing the chances of finding a good tech job in Phoenix. If you are looking for a new IT job, the experts at CornerStone are ready to help. Browse current job openings and apply online or contact CornerStone Phoenix for more information today.


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