Customer Service Skills EVERY Employee Should Have

You may not think you need to hone your customer service skills if you’re not in a customer service position, but that’s not true. Every employee will interact with individuals at different levels of the organization, coworkers, and even the public. If you want to give yourself a leg up, here are some tips for building or improving the most critical customer service skills.


The art of talking with another person isn’t just reserved for customer-facing roles. Everyone should work on improving their communication skills to ensure that their message comes across the right way. Clear communication is vital over the phone or through virtual interactions such as emails or text messages. Communication is also about your body language and mood when you’re responding. The best way to improve your communication skills is to practice.


They say you’re only as good as the last problem you solve. Many customer service roles are all about problem-solving, but it’s more complex than just solving a few issues. Problem-solving is about creative thinking, innovation, and considering all possible outcomes to choose the best avenue toward a solution. Enhance your problem-solving skills by creating a process to help. Focus on the solution, not the problems, and clearly define the next steps.


Whether we’ve been in customer service positions or experienced it as consumers, we all know those positions can be challenging. When people call or approach a customer service representative, they may already be in a negative headspace and can take their frustration out on the person at the other end. That’s why patience is a crucial customer service skill that can translate to different positions as well. Practicing patience is all about mindfulness and staying calm and positive.


A personality trait that’s essential for successful customer service and can benefit any position is empathy. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It helps you see the world from their perspective. You can cultivate empathy by challenging your preconceived notion, looking for common ground, and practicing active listening.

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