New Year’s Resolution: Build Your Transferable skills

The end of the year, especially one as turbulent as 2020, is a good time to reassess your choices and what you want to do moving forward. If a new job is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, there are some things to consider for success. Have you thought much about your transferable skill? A transferable skill is something that transcends specific industries and can be applied across all opportunities. Maximizing your transferable skills will give you a better chance at landing a new job in Tempe, even if it’s outside of the categories you’ve worked in before. Here are the top 5 transferable skills to focus on for 2021.


It doesn’t matter what industry you were in or where you want to go moving forward, leadership will always be in demand. And leadership doesn’t just mean your experience in management positions. It’s about delegation, ability to motivate, and decision-making skills. You can demonstrate this by sharing details about how you led in previous situations on the job, regardless of the specific industry.


Similarly, every hiring manager wants to know someone who is a good fit for their existing team. You can communicate your commitment to teamwork by providing examples of how well you work with others in your current role. This can include success stories and even times when you need to rally a flagging team toward a positive goal.


At every position at every stage of advancement, communication is a key skill to have. You need to be able to communicate with a variety of people from all levels and all demographics. You can share this skill with future employers regardless of your original background. Cultivating communication as your key transferable skill will allow you to work your way into many possible opportunities.


Many companies are practicing organizational processes to keep physical spaces clutter-free. This is something you can cultivate in and out of your career and can help you advance to future positions by discussing the skill and the real-world examples of how this has helped you in previous roles.

Time Management

Similarly, the organization of time is equally as important. Companies in Dallas and Tempe want employees who will be efficient and effective. That comes down to your ability to use time wisely and meet deadlines and expectations. This can be achieved in any career and will be a very beneficial transferable skill for the future.

Is Your Resolution to Find a Better Job in 2021?

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