How to Build A Successful Telecommuting Policy

As more and more businesses shifted to remote work at the start of the COVID-19 crisis in the United States, the workplace changed forever. Now, as we see the virus still gaining ground across the country, companies need to formalize some of the ideas hastily put into place at the beginning. So how can you build a successful telecommuting policy for your company?

Set Expectations

The exact expectations you establish will depend on your specific business and culture, but establishing them is important. Today, many businesses were thrown into remote work without much planning, so it’s a good time to make adjustments. For example, most companies require that employees be available during regular business hours via email or communication tools like Slack. They also need to be accountable for their work and get projects in on time.

Keep Your Remote Team Engaged

Of course, working remotely is a give and take between the employer and employee. Your employees still need to feel like they’re part of the team and appreciated for their work. Provide incentives and other perks to give them a sense of ownership and appreciation. You can do this by planning fun virtual events or sending them company swag.


It’s also more critical than ever that communication be an essential part of the corporate culture. Because your team isn’t in the same space, you need to be clear and concise with your instructions and information. Communication also needs to go both ways. You have to encourage your team to stay in touch with you throughout the lifespan of their specific project or whenever problems arise so they can be solved.

Utilize Technology

We live in a time where remote work is easier to do than ever. Remote desktops, VPNs, video conferencing, and virtual chats can all facilitate a work from home arrangement. This is a great time to invest in some of these products to ensure your team has the tools they need to succeed at home.

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