Master The Virtual Interview

Many of us never thought we would be navigating such a different employment market so quickly. While online job searches have been a part of the process for a while, now many other aspects of finding a job have transitioned to virtual space. Most notably, the interview. Some employers may be opting for a phone or video interview as the first step in the hiring process. If you don’t want to be caught off guard when requested to attend a Zoom or Teams video interview, you can prepare with this advice.

Test Your Tech

Start by asking which video tool the interviewer will be using if they don’t tell you. The most popular is Zoom, but there are other platforms. Install any necessary programs before the meeting and do a test with a friend ahead of time. This will let you know if there are things you need to fix and give you plenty of time to do it.

Prepare Notes

Use the video interview to your advantage. Do your research on the company but keep the notes at your desk or wherever you’ll be conducting the interview. This way, you can refer to the notes or ask questions based on this information without forgetting details.

Find a Distraction-Free Location

Your video interview needs to be treated just like an important phone call or face-to-face meeting. Set up your computer in a quiet room where you won’t be interrupted by family or pets. Turn off your phone and close any additional internet browsers so you’re not tempted to click over and get distracted.

Dress Professionally

Choosing a professional interview outfit will not only help you put your best foot forward but it will also give you the right mindset. While the interviewer may not see more than your shoulders and head, you still want to wear exactly what you would have worn to a real interview.

Pay Attention to Body Language

It’s easy to get distracted on a video call as well. Where do you look? Do you look at the eyes of the video image or do you look at your image to make sure you look okay? The trick is to look into the camera. Maintain professional body language as well. Don’t play with your hair or touch your face. You will also want to set a light up behind the camera to give you the best lighting.

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